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Clancy's Hamburgers

With a solid plan in place, Carl just needed the right symbol to embody the true character of his new restaurant’s spirit. And he found just the right man for the job in Clancy the Cop. Within 15 years Carl opened up 31 new Clancy’s burger joints along the highways and dual lane byways of  Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Diners who popped in for a famous Clancy burger would often find Carl himself behind the grill, working shoulder to shoulder with the Clancy’s team. After all, he was a burger man at heart. 

But his passion for the customer experience also led him to lead and innovate  over the years. Things like double-drive-thrus with a 35 seat dining room (a first for the Midwest with a 35 seat dining room, a menu offering real variety (unheard of in the fast food chain business), and a recipe for the “best French Fries in town.” Our commitment to quality ingredients has earned us a lasting reputation. Today, that same commitment to quality and sustainability is alive and well.  We’re proud to support local agriculture and craft beverage businesses by sourcing from local farms and vendors across Indiana. Just like Carl dreamed it should be more than fifty years ago, it’s 100% or nothing at all at Clancy’s Bottleworks. 

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